Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Well I have hit my first plateau. I knew it was out there waiting for me I just didn't expect it to hit this soon. Just a month and a half since surgery and for the last two weeks I haven't dropped a pound. Nothing has changed, diet is where it should be, exercise is still going strong at 60 plus minutes a day with a variety of activities to keep my body guessing. So I am not sure what the problem is. I do know that I am still getting smaller. My size 44 pants and shorts are about to fall off, another trip to the store.
Must be pushing fat to muscle. Just a little frustrated, like I said I knew this was headed my way. Oh well. My first fill is a week away and I am actually looking forward to it. Maybe it will kick start the pounds coming off again. I am happy with my progress to date, and loving the comments I am getting from everyone. Most of all I am loving the looks I am getting from my wife. She just smiles when she looks at me and I know I am succeeding. So as long as the smiles keep coming I have faith that I will slip off the side of this plateau soon and begin the decent to my next target.

Until the next time......Keep working

SW:352  CW:288  GW:220

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