Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Well I have hit my first plateau. I knew it was out there waiting for me I just didn't expect it to hit this soon. Just a month and a half since surgery and for the last two weeks I haven't dropped a pound. Nothing has changed, diet is where it should be, exercise is still going strong at 60 plus minutes a day with a variety of activities to keep my body guessing. So I am not sure what the problem is. I do know that I am still getting smaller. My size 44 pants and shorts are about to fall off, another trip to the store.
Must be pushing fat to muscle. Just a little frustrated, like I said I knew this was headed my way. Oh well. My first fill is a week away and I am actually looking forward to it. Maybe it will kick start the pounds coming off again. I am happy with my progress to date, and loving the comments I am getting from everyone. Most of all I am loving the looks I am getting from my wife. She just smiles when she looks at me and I know I am succeeding. So as long as the smiles keep coming I have faith that I will slip off the side of this plateau soon and begin the decent to my next target.

Until the next time......Keep working

SW:352  CW:288  GW:220

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Been A While

Sorry I have been a little remiss in posting here in a while. Life has been busy and that is good. Went back to work without any complications other than pants that were a little loose.
I am down over 60 pounds now and this has made my life so much better that I have been out enjoying the world. I have taken up kayaking to compliment my fishing. Hiking and biking continue to be part of my exercise regime as well.
Summer is here and that used to be a time of serious dread, over weight and massive amounts of heat and humidity are not good things. I used to dread it, but now I feel better equipped to deal with it. I am seeking more and more ways to be outside. The biggest thing that I have found in all of this is a sense that I let too much of my life pass by because of my weight that I am now chasing after a lot things I missed out on.
The weight loss continues to go well as I approach the first filling of my band on the 28th. I am sure the doctor will be pleased with my progress to date.
My regular doctor was stunned when I went of my annual physical. I was over 60 pounds heavier 1 year ago and now I am free of my blood pressure medications and cholesterol meds as well.
I guess the biggest thing is that I have been a little selfish and wanting to tell everything to anyone who will listen. I know that many people are happy for me but they are getting a little tired of me talking about my weight loss. My personal pride in my accomplishment probably should be tempered a little. If I have been annoying you just let me know and I will dial it back a bit.
I don't have much else to share right now, I will try to update a little more often. Chances are I will be out on the water or in the woods so it may be a bit.

Later on my friends.

SW:352 CW:290 GW:220.....nearly half way home!!!!